Campaign Concept

Let’s celebrate

‘Fester & Gæster’ is an ambitious project launched by Danish retail giant Bilka to inspire consumers to throw more parties and see more people. With the initiative Bilka wants to increase market shares by attracting more low-frequent customers who are not driven by bargain prices but rather by a wide product selection and the convenience of being able to get everything under one roof.

The ‘Fester & Gæster’ concept’s core is a cornucopia of content – attractive images, inspiration, recipes, DIY ideas and how-to-guides – used across different platforms to reach as widely as possible. And against all traditional retail marketing without price tags, special offers and brand promotions. Just pure inspiration with more than 50 different party themes to choose from. 

Cross-channel marketing

The ‘Fester & Gæster’ concept is promoted across a range of platforms: A physical book packed with attractive images, inspiration, recipes and how-to-guides, an extensive online experience with additional content, the hypermarket’s weekly catalogues and of course SoMe. The book, for sale in all hypermarkets, is the backbone of the concept and all content stems from this – adjusted and extended to perfectly match the platform in question.


Wide selection of party themes

The purpose of the ‘Fester & Gæster’ concept is to inspire consumers to throw parties outside of traditional occasions like Christmas, Easter, New Year and weddings. The concept offers inspiration for more than 50 different parties – from kids’ themes like pirates, unicorn and princess parties to Halloween, tapas dinner parties, Oktoberfest and garden parties.   


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