Salling Group
New Brand Identity

Salling Group is the company behind a line of strong brands. It’s the strong foundation that ties the different retail chains together. So, it was only natural to make the ’foundation’ a central part of the new graphic identity.

About the identity

The identity is trustworthy and respects Salling Group’s blue and serious heritage. The name is written in a classic Futura Bold – in ‘friendly’ lower-case letters – and the typography has been made lighter with a bold 45° cut to match Salling Group’s dynamic culture. As a curiosity, an ‘all-in’ is hidden in the logo.


Salling Group may be 100% Danish-owned but the diversity in people, cultures and business formats is clear. And this versatility is reflected in the identity that opens up a world of communicative opportunities.


Want to know more?

Please contact / 
Albert Funder
Sr. Account Director
+45 2141 5330